Engineer in the daytime and photographer under moonlight.

50% pixel and the other 50% is grain.

I enjoy documenting life and things.

The more I grow in the art the more I care less about the perfect photo and more about how it feels when you look at it.

I strive to be unobtrusive particularly during photojournalistic coverage where possible whilst creating a memorable experience.


Weddings & Engagements

Family Photography

Lifestyle Photography

Portrait Photography

Product Photography



It's so hard taking photos!
Especially in public areas and also if your not really a photogenic sort of person....
But seeing and knowing that Kingsley had found a place and had scouted areas to take pictures before we got there really helped our minds get into the session!
it was incredibly relaxed & natural and took shots when we really didn't even realise. Which helped as he always showed us what he took and this helped build our confidence with each shot!
Our children loved the photo shoot.

Yan & Christina