I was privileged to be part of an exciting new journey for my good friend Selina Dick on her journey after founding her kids journal & stationary business; Globe Jotter.

After sharing her vision and concept for the product; I was stoked and got to work (well mentally anyway :p ) and come up with ideas and ways to bring her vision to life with images depicting of a certain mood that represents the brand.

The commission included a lifestyle shoot (with models) & a product shoot (Journal, activity book & bags).

For the lifestyle journey; I wanted to include a classic car of sort with vintage luggage tied to the top as I wanted the images to evoke nostalgia.

We scoured all of social media-sphere putting out feelers for people who own or know someone that owns a classic.

Luckily Selina's dad's neighbour happened to own a classic car and was more than happy to come along for a ride.

Jeremy if you ever read this; you're a legend!!!

Anyways enough said; here are some highlights from the shoot and some words from Selina.

About globe jotter

My name is Selina, founder of GlobeJotter; I have an amazing husband & 2 beautiful children.

For as long as I can remember, I have been passionate about traveling from my childhood and grateful for my long-suffering husband always tasked with booking our next adventure.

Once I became a mother, my passion for travel only amplified. Eager to show my children the wonders of the world and variety of cultures, I wanted to create something that would capture the moments and memories we shared on our adventures. 

Alongside my amazing team, I created GlobeJotter to help children explore and embrace the true beauty around them and expand their understanding of other countries and cultures.

Whilst current trends lean towards electronic activities, I wanted to create something that would reduce children’s screen-time and break up the endless barrage of “devices”. 

We are proud and excited that GlobeJotter is a powerful tool which will engage your children in a way that is fun, educational, and exciting. 

With puzzles, games, exploratory questions and much more. Children are empowered to expand their mind as they explore the world.

I strongly believe that travel is one the greatest privileges in life – and Globe Jotter is one of the best ways to make that accessible to all children.