Gordon x Shanique Made in NOTTINGHAM, SEALED IN LEYTON

Although this wedding was about 2 months ago; it almost feels an age as so much has happened in that time.

Gordon & Shanique tied the knot in the same church as James & Nicole; on 28th March 2021 which is also where they first met.

Their friendship was kindled on a church organised trip to Nottingham. On the day Shanique was unwell with a cold and reluctant to talk let alone entertain Gordon's energetic and bubbly personality.

Coincidentally or intentionally; they sat together on the minibus where 2 hours flowed by as they were immersed in conversation.

Throughout the day's events; they stole away to continue chatting.

There were many more chanced encounters at get togethers organised by common friends where they continued their discovery of each other.

After a few more of these semi-coincidental meets; they finally exchanged numbers to great relief as neither of em "had to wait till the next random meeting to speak to each other".

Weeks later; Gordon asked Shanique out, months later they were ring shopping in London's Hatton gardens and soon after that Gordon proposed and the rest was history.

Due to Covid restrictions; the couple decided to postpone their wedding to 2021. After many tentative months and fluid plans; they decided to exchange vows in small ceremony joined by a small group of their loved ones.

The weather was well behaved with diffuse light from the clouds making my job easy to capture beautiful moments.

Bride's outfit

Dress: Fross weddings collections

Shoes: Dune London

Accessories: Jon Richard

Makeup: Nikki

Florist: Alisson George

Hair: Deluxe Hair Academy

Bridesmaid dresses: ChiChi Clothing

Flower girls: Next clothing

Groom's outfit

Suit: Marc Darcy

Shoes: Samuel Windsor


Thank you so much for your warmth and trust in me to share your special day with you as your photographer. From the engagement session to the wedding; it's been an absolute pleasure and one of the most chilled back of photography sessions I've ever experienced.

I hope you've enjoyed looking at your pictures. Here are some of my favourites below.